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MagneSSa Executive Team

K. Firose Khan

Founder & Executive Director

Firose khan, the leading man and visionary behind Magnessa enterprises Pvt. Ltd is a Gold medalist in Commerce and Business Management. After graduating, Khan ventured into various business avenues including retail, real estate and hospitality. During his years as a young businessman, he was given the opportunity to lead several businesses with remarkable results. The companies he had founded saw its revenues and market capital grow by eight to ten times resulting in incredible turnarounds solidifying him in the industry as a force to be reckoned with.

As a young student, Khan learned to empower people through his clear strengths in leadership entrepreneurship roles and was inclined to apply himself to provide business opportunities to young aspiring individuals and create a clear positive impact on future generations of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Khan is also an acknowledged management visionary and a radical thinker which has led to his successful endeavor of establishing Magnessa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., a renowned company that is a one stop shop solution provider in India through the use of direct selling. Khans commitment to ensuring consumer and peer satisfaction has been accomplished through his wide range of skills which includes strategic planning, quality assurance, organizational development and project life cycle management.

Khan is one of the world’s leading thinkers on strategy and marketing, holding more than 15 years’ of flourishing experience in the Direct Selling industry.

His affiliation to educate and inform has inspired his newest project: “Live Rich & Die Rich”, a book that is currently on its way to showcase, enlighten and teach through the wisdom he has obtained over the years. His passion towards philanthropy has driven him to establish his own NGO, which provides free education to children. He is also a certified experiential trainer and in 2010, he established Cap International Training Academy which aims to transform the lives of adolescents, and adults through large scale programs in education, social entrepreneurship, livelihoods and cultural endowing.

Sreejith Nair

Founder & Executive Director

Prior to his entrepreneurial venture with MagneSSa, Sreejith has had corporate stints with various reputed companies. He holds an MBA degree from Madras University. He has a strong professional experience of over 10 years in diverse industries including Telecom, FMCG and Technology.

His expertise is in start-up, building distribution, implementation of Sales & Marketing strategies. He has played an important role in building distributioncapability. His vast experience included key assignments in manufacturing, product development, operations, legal and compliance, marketing, sales and businessdevelopment. But it was his entrepreneurship spirit which made him venture into direct selling Industry and he has more than 14 plus years experience in Direct Selling.

Sreejith spearhead the marketing strategy, marketing mix, plan development and overall direction for new brands for the company. He is involved in defining the short term and long term strategic product launch plans to competitively position the company�s product portfolio. He is also fronting the company's expansion to both within India and also International markets.

Sreejith's strength is his ability to bridge the gap between business requirements and implementations that deliver quantifiable results. Founder of Tycoons International which provides trainings which enhances empowerment to the society. He conducts regular workshops on Leadership, Personality development & Communication skills.

M Karthikeyan

Co-founder & Managing Director (Finance)

Karthikeyan a Certified Auditor has over 15 years of diversified experience in the area of Sales, Business Operation and has been with MagneSSa since inception and serves as the business leader for India.

He currently serves at MagneSSa as Director Finance & Accounts. He also heads up a number of key strategic work streams critical to MagneSSa's overall business strategy, Along with operational responsibility of the service delivery centers he also ensures the region's seamless performance within MagneSSa global operations footprint. His experience with reputed companies and entrepreneurship has helped in being the driving force behind MagneSSa s continuous growth, innovation and expansion.

He is responsible for all functional activities and operations related to MagneSSa Channel Partners across India. He has comprehensive exposure to the entire gamut of management functions such as setting up of operations, warehousing & distribution, inventory control and transportation and is responsible for Pan India operations.

S Anand Utharkar

Co-founder & Managing Director (Operations)

Anand has more than 20 years of experience; he is responsible for growth and strategic planning for the entire Group. Anand being co-founder of the company has been instrumental in bringing about technological and managerial excellence in the Company's operations.

Under his guidance, MagneSSa India launched various new products which are commended to be the precedent in the Country in the Direct Selling Industry. He has a substantial track record of success in leading and operating multinational businesses serving various client segments within the global capital and corporate markets.

Anand is a high energy leader who has built MagneSSa's service culture around strategic customer management. His ability to balance business needs with customer needs has shaped how MagneSSa develops solution across various sectors. He has a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of fellow partners through MagneSSa in India and also to the world around.

His experience encompasses areas of Product development, creation of strategic alliances across countries in Asia Pacific Regions, business development, and tactical planning. Anand attributes the success of MagneSSa to teamwork, entrepreneurial skills and the ability to leverage opportunities in the marketplace.

Vijey Ananth R

Co-founder & Managing Director (Legal)

Mr. Vejey Ananth R is a graduate of Arts and Law from Madras University also recognized as a University Basketball Player and excelled as Madras division Cricket Player. He is also excelled as an Accounting and Auditing professional, has over 15 plus years' experience and then ventured into entrepreneurship.

Vijay is associated with the Company since its inception and works alongside with the management team. He worked at senior positions in Corporate Sectors in the areas of exports, trading consulting and production machinery units across India and International markets.

A seasoned professional with nearly two decades of functional expertise and practical experience throughout the years Vijay's contributions have been many. He has pioneered and leveraged the efficiency of back office accounting tasks and is responsible for the entire global finance organization for the business lines. These responsibilities encompass all financial activities including budgeting, financial planning, internal controls, strategic plan development, Mergers and Acquisitions, valuation and diligence.

He plays a significant role in long-term planning; this position also contributes to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices including an initiative geared toward operational excellence.